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Makeover ideas for your interior

If you want to start you a makeover project, then this article is for you! To star your project: big or small, check out the following ideas. Whatever scope of your home improvement you are planning on, enjoy the momentum and get inspired with these ideas.  

* Kitchen is an important place in a house. To have your kitchen look differently you don’t need to fully demolish it and install completely new custom made kitchen. Instead you can order `refacing`. It means that kitchen stays the same, only doors are changed for new ones. Here the imagination is the limit. Glass doors allow you to showcase all beautiful dine- and glass-wear you have, plus they give an optical illusion of bigger space, and it looks luxurious too.

* Use chalkboard pain for a wall or for a part of it. This part of a wall can be used for drawing or writing memos. Overall this idea is stylish and contemporary.

* Ceiling. Here is lots maneuvers for creation. First the ceiling does not have to be white. You can paint it any colour, that is matching and goes well with your interior design. Be bold. Look at this completely white kitchen


The pink ceiling makes it alive, without this splash of colour the kitchen will probably resemble a hospital ward.  You don’t have to colour the whole ceiling, instead you can choose to pain only one part of it.


LED light on ceiling is an interesting solution.

Another use for LED light is on the floor. Look at this picture. Here is an interesting case of LED lighting in the kitchen room under cabinetry.


* Splash some colour in your room for contrast and visual appeal. Don’t be afraid to use multiple colours in one room: green armchairs, red lamps and bright colours couch pillows will create visual pleasing power to the eye.

* Put new drapes on windows. New drapes can change the look of any room dramatically.

* Break a large room into zones

My friend has a big room near kitchen, so he broke it down into two zones: one zone is a dining area with a dining table and chairs. The choice of colour for furniture is dark brown; nice chandelier is located above the table. The second zone is lounge area, with cream coloured couches, armchair and rug. This way the owner of the house made the most use of the space, at the same time giving the impression there are more rooms than it is.

* Focus of a singe wall in the room: paint it in a different colour or put textured wallpaper on it for dramatic accent and visual success.

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