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Here are common questions we are asked about our business http://www.kitchenstarcabinet.com/

Q:How do i see the different between painted and stained doors and drawers?

A:When doors and drawers are stained you usually see the grains of the wood, but when painted there are no grained spotted as the paint fully covers them

Q:How can i make my doors and drawers in custom kitchen soft closing?
A:You can replace your current hinges on your doors and drawers to special soft closing hinges. Hinges make the doors and drawers close the way that they close.

Q:Can i just change doors and drawers instead of a full kitchen?
A:Yes, this process is called refacing. Replacing your doors, drawers and side panels, gives your old kitchen a brand new kitchen look, but your boxes or cabinets will stay the same. Remember if you will need to change your existing boxes after refacing is done, your doors, drawers and side panels will have to be replaced as well.


Q: Can a PVC rap on my kitchen doors and drawers peel?
A: There is a chance that over time PVC rap on your doors and drawers will peel, especially in the areas where it observes lots of heat like beside a toaster for example

Q: How is PVC placed on doors and drawers?

A: PVC is glued on at high temperature on your doors, drawers and side panels.

Q: If i like to see wood grains on my kitchen cabinet doors and drawers what it the best color to paint them
A: Actually painting will be wrong, if you paint the grains are gone, however you can stain your
doors and drawers, staining will allow the grains to show giving your doors and drawers a
beautiful wood look

Q: What color is most popular for walk in closets?

A:Most popular colors for walk in closets are white and different brown tones like espresso or cappuccino. Grey tones have been becoming very popular lately as well.

Q:What should i do in my basement kitchen or a bar?

A: Depending on what it is your basement used for , If for rental purposes or living quarters for family members or friends doing a kitchen is a smarter way, but if your basement is for entertainment purpose then bar with small kitchenette is very suitable.

Q: How long is the warranty on my new kitchen cabinetry?

A: Depending on the cabinets purchased, the usual warranty is 1 year, but can be extended as part of negotiation or purchased as extended warranty from your cabinets retailer.

Q:What glass is better frosted or clear in my upper kitchen cabinets?

A: It depends on the taste and style of a kitchen, but more important knowing what it is you will have inside those cabinets, for example if you have nice glasses and table wear to display, then clear glass is the way to go, but if you have nothing to display then it is better to have frosted.

Q: Why some kitchens have bulkheads ?

A: Bulkheads are usually placed to cover the piping or ventilation that runs through the house.

Q: Can i build a new custom kitchen up to my ceiling if i have a bulkhead?

A: Yes, you can take out your bulkhead, and in the ares where you have vent or pipe, custom built a cabinet so it would not be visible to anyone.

Q: What is new and trendy for 2014/2015 when it comes to home renovation or new home construction?

A: It is very popular to make a small servery in master bedroom with a mini fridge. It is usually used for pills and soft drinks. It is one of most modern new trends in new home construction. Making a small bar/servery in the dining room is a new cool feature that can be custom made as well and is very popular for 2014/2015.  Small wine cellars around the kitchen / dinning room area is becoming more and more poplar especially for those that enjoy collecting wine. These are a few of many new trends and options available.

Q: Where else in my house i can make cabinets for storage?

A: Depending on what it is you need to store, laundry room is one of few rooms that always has space to put up some cabinets to store things like towels, and cleaning supplies. You can also make closet organizers inside of your linen closets, and dining room where you can store your plates and glasses.

Q: What is the most popular color for a library and how much does it cost?

A: Finishing a library can be tricky, depending on the amount you are ready to pay. Library can cost form $10 000 to 100 000 dollars. What does drive up the cost is the amount of wood you need, if you want your ceiling to be finished in wood it would be more expensive then without it. Most popular colors are dark stains like walnut, or espresso.

Q: Does granite counter need any maintenance?

A: Yes granite counter needs to be sealed once per year, the sealant can be purchased at most of the hardware stores and it is easily applied with a cloth.

Q:Does quartz need maintenance?

A: Quartz does not need maintenance, once you install it forget about maintaining it for the rest of your live.

Q: What wood product is used usually for doors and drawers?

A: Most common wood product is Maple, but other wood products like cherry or oak can be used as well, depending on clients needs, and desires.

Q:What is refacing and why people do it instead of just making brand new kitchen?

A: Refacing is changing your existing doors, drawers and side panels to new ones, but keeping your cabinets  or boxes same and your counter top can be unchanged as well if requested. Refacing is done to be more cost sufficient while renovating your kitchen, the price difference between new kitchen and refacing is up to 25 percent.

Q:What is MDF?

A: MDF is engineered product, that is made out of wood. It is made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibers, combining these wood fibers with wax and a resin binder, and forming panels by applying high pressure and temperature.

Q:What extra features or ad-ons can I include in my brand new kitchen?

A:There are several features available to add to your brand new kitchen cabinetry, for example in the corners  instead of dead space you can put lazy Susan, that spins around for your convenience, you can get lazy Susan made out of plastic or metal, or even better option is magic corner, a metal pullout that can totally be pulled out of the cabinet for your convenience. You can also make special pullouts made out of wood or metal for your pantry or island, as well as cutlery departments and pizza trays, just to name a few. Wine rack is another hot favorite, usually people make the wine rack on the side of their island or on the counter between upper and lower cabinets. Wine rack is a favorite extra add on for those that enjoy an acceleration glass of wine after a long hard day at work.  Another great extra feature is spice rack, usually if you include them you put two on each side of the stove or a cook top to make your kitchen look cemetrical. Decorate your kitchen with under cabinet valance, crown moldings, flouts and decorative posts and corbels and your new kitchen and a house it is in will look like a million bucks.

Q:How many people will be installing my new kitchen in my house?
A:Usually there are 2 installers in the house , but if the kitchen is very large there can be more people working to install the kitchen faster.

Q:How long does it take to install a brand new kitchen?

A:Depending on the size of the kitchen and the features that it has, typical installation is from 2 to 4 days, about 8 hours per day in the house.

Q:How long is the process of preparing the kitchen from the time of order to installation?

A:It depends on the materials and features used, usual timeline to produce an average size kitchen is 6 to 7 weeks from final measurement.


Q:What is the difference between quartz and granite?

A: Quartz is a man engineered stone, it does not stain, you dont need to take care of it at all and has a lifetime limited warranty, as for granite, it is a natural stone, it needs to be sealed at least ones per year, it might stain from things like wine or lemon juice, and most companies offer only one year warranty.

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