Here are 12 easy steps to purchasing new custom cabinetry for your kitchen, bathroom, laundry, walk in closet or library!


  1. Ask your friend or family for referrals
  2. Look at advertising that comes to your house
  3. Check out websites and showrooms of a few companies that you choose, if they don’t have website and showroom its a red flag
  4. Visit a few companies and schedule a quotation. Professional rep of a cabinet company will visit your house, measure and give you a quote
  5. As price is important, also feel the energy between you and a rep, feel the knowledge that he or she has plus get the price, combining both together choose the company to build your brand new cabinetry
  6. Ask the company that you chose to go with, to make a design for you
  7. Go through design with a designer, change it as much as you need to to fit your desires and needs
  8. Choose door styles, colors, materials, if any counter tops
  9. Make an order by signing a contract and giving your down payment, make sure your order specifies all the colors and styles that you choose. Delivery and install time needs to be specified as well
  10. Have current old cabinetry empty before crew comes to demolish before installation
  11. Allow access for installers to install your cabinetry
  12. ENJOY!!!


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