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Walk-in closet organizers.

d6d4fa60e3e0148b32a317b7740b8718 People in Canada tend to upgrade to a bigger home at their first financial opportunity and one of the main reasons for it is storage space. Although size of the house and amount of bedrooms is a main reason for upgrading your current home, storage space is probably second best reason for it. There are many houses with walk in closets and linen closets, but nothing fits in them, because all they have is one rod and one shelf across. You can fit so much stuff in a thirty square feet walk in closet if it has build in organizers, like shoe racks, jewelry drawers, special boxes for socks and underwear, special hangers for coats and dress pants. By building those organizers you can fit five times more clothing articles in your closet than without them. In the larger walk in closets people also like to put mirrors and make up tables, so it would be convenient for women to get dressed, put their jewelry and their make up on at one place.

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