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dishwasher cleaning tips

Tips on how to clean dishwasher

Sometimes we take dishwashers for granted and do not think that it needs cleaning too. It is only logical to assume, that if at the end of the cleaning cycle we get crispy clean and sparkling dinner/silver ware at the end, the dishwasher will be cleaned as well. Unfortunately, as long as this thought is appealing indeed, the food debris from the plates are gradually building up and need to be removed, otherwise the quality of washing will inevitably decrease.  Continue reading

Clean laminate floors wisely: dos and donts.

Laminate floor is a cost-efficient solution for those, who want the look and texture of a real wood floor. This kind of flooring comes in many grains and colours, identical to the real wood. Laminate floor consists of 4 layers, that increase its durability. Generally speaking, laminate is highly resistant to moist damage, stain and fading, which makes this floor material even more appealing, especially to those with kids and pets.

To prolong its life, one should know how to properly clean such type of floor and what should be avoided. Continue reading

Why real estate agent?

Real Estate Affordable

Now, why do we need those real estate agents? Can we do everything ourselves without breaking our head on hiring one?

Yes, you need a real estate agent, and a good one. And there are reasons for that.

Real estate agents:

  •  fight for your price.

If you buying a house, or selling it, you need to have a rock defence (aka real estate agent), who will set the last price and fight for it, using special marketing techniques that work.

  • marketing advise

We are all good at what we do: doctors good at curing people, teachers at teaching. Nobody will go to a carpenter for a surgery advice. Here is the same thing. Which location is increasing in value, what trends are, where to buy for living, where to buy for investment: these are pieces of advice that will be provided to you by your real estate agent.

  • home presentation

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How to increase your home value.

Real Estate Affordable

Speaking about homes, when owners have plans of renovating their dwellings, the good thing to keep in mind is that home upgrade should also increase the value of the house. Here is a link to a blog, where they speak a lot of kitchen improvement that helps increase house value.

From my experience, how kitchen looks is a important point in deciding whether or not buy this house. New cabinetry, stainless steel appliances add more purchasing power.

Another thing is to professionally stage the home. Well put furniture can make the space visually more appealing to a potential buyer.

Invest in laundry and bathroom renovation. If a bathroom is small, go for floating vanity to add more visual space and light painting.

Pot lights on the first floor is a good choice too. They not only give more light, but they look beautiful and its better to install LED potlights…

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