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Kitchens, wall units and office: custom made for cozy and beautiful living

Work by Kitchen Star Cabinets in Toronto

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High gloss contemporary wall or entertainment unit build to suit your tv size with lots of storage all around. push button mechanism made in Germany is installed in all doors and drawers to avoid having any handles. Non scratch veneer surface on mdf flat panel doors and drawers. 2 color contrast makes the unit look special.

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Plants for your kitchen

Kitchen is one of the most suitable places for home plants, because kitchen is air ventilated, warm and usually its well lit and bright. Plus people spend most of their time in the kitchen area which means plants are always looked after. What plants are the best for the kitchen and where to put them? These are the questions we would like to answer in this post. Continue reading

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Turquoise home makeover ideas

Turquoise is a beautiful colour with rich meaning, including: feminine, luck, wisdom and emotional equilibrium. Home owners sure can appreciate the freshness, calming and relaxing energy that this colour emanates. This colour and its hues positively affect our emotional state and look stunning as interior design element. Just look at these pictures and may be you will be inspired by the state of tranquility that this pigment sure helps to achieve. Continue reading

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Interior ideas: Grey color for interior is great

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Grey pallet is complex to work with due to its versatile possibilities. The range of shades is broad and interesting due to variety of tints: from pearlish-grey to deep shade of dark grey. This color is neutral and peaceful and can be used as a base color. In this case secondary colour would showcase itself in the full force. You just have to choose the right shade of grey, that would go naturally and harmoniously with accent color. Continue reading

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Interior design for a child’s room: safety, functionality and style

Kitchen Star Cabinets

Our sanctum sanctorum is our home, place where we live. And who is the most important person in the house? The child of course! We live for our children, they are the meaning of our live and continuation of our DNA line. This post is for those, who have children and wold like some ideas and tips on how-to  design a room for a child, that would be safe, functional and beautiful at the same time.  Continue reading

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Wall units

Having a wall unit is a great way to not only organize your living or family room, but also to add luxury and expensive look to any room it is built for. A wall unit is a built-in storage system that provides shelving and storage space in the room, adds function, optimizes and organizes space and creates fashionable and unique look. Also, the entertainment unit conceals all the wires and cables.

There are pre-made wall units, that are cheaper alternative to custom made wall (entertainment) units. However, since they are pre-made, design and size options are limited to what is available. However, if you are looking for individuality, a specialized design center will make a design which takes into consideration budget, overall style, taste and client’s desires, and then build the wall unit according to the approved design.

There is a wide range of materials for building wall units, such as: oak, maple, cedar, beech, cherry and MDF. Depending on your taste, style and needs, such details as glass, steel or lighting can be incorporated into the wall unit.

But do you know that wall units are not only limited to living rooms? You can choose to have a wall unit in a bathroom, which will maximize useful storage capacity and create this top notch look.

Here are examples of wall units:

wall unit, entertainment unit, home renovation

Wall nit by Kitchen Star Cabinets in Toronto

wall units, entertainment units, home renovation

Kitchen Star Cabinets in Toronto

wall units, entertainment unit, home renovation Toronto

By Kitchen Star Cabinets in Toronto

Before choosing this or that design/manufacturer center, shop around for quotes, timing for completion of the project, read reviews and feel the personal trust to your service provide. To build a wall unit is a big and expensive project,so please choose carefully, make sure you understand the design and in love with it.

Always read what you sign, make sure the contract has everything: payment options, specifics of the project, timing, material and etc.