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Here, we talk about bathroom design and improvement

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Wall mounted bathroom toilets : pros and cons


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Wall hung toilet looks esthetically more appealing than a regular one and has cleaner design to it, the bathroom itself looks more contemporary and luxury with this sleek floating design. All pipes and faucets are hidden inside the wall or panel, where toilet is installed. Continue reading

Laminate countertops for kitchen and bathroom

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Laminate countertops are made of plastic that bounds to the base. This is a cheaper option for those who want to have a natural look of granite or any other type of stone or may be even wood and is tight on budget. The variety of laminate is wide, so anyone can find something that they will like. Keep in mind, that laminate countertops can be used not only in kitchens, but in bathrooms as well. Let us show our laminate collection for countertops, that we offer our clients:  Continue reading

Current trends in master bathrooms

Homeowners, who are renovating their properties choose to go for something luxurious, functional, comfortable, trendy and something that can increase the value of their homes. Times, when people needed bathrooms for basic needs are gone, now people want to have options that allow them to turn their bathrooms into royal, spa-like retreat. Here are the top trends, that homeowner opt to have in their homes and that suit their needs. Depending on the size of a master bathroom, people choose these convenient and luxurious functions: Continue reading

Bathroom design features.

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There are certain improvements or design upgrades you can make in your bathroom.

 Floating vanities


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