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Plants for your kitchen

Kitchen is one of the most suitable places for home plants, because kitchen is air ventilated, warm and usually its well lit and bright. Plus people spend most of their time in the kitchen area which means plants are always looked after. What plants are the best for the kitchen and where to put them? These are the questions we would like to answer in this post. Plants and flowers emit oxygen, purify the air and some of them are edible, which only add up on their positive qualities.

Since the kitchen is the most crowded place in the home, pots should be placed wisely so they wont be stumbled upon while moving. Not wise to arrange too many plants or big floristic compositions.

Or suggestion for the place to locate plants is: the top of the fridge, window sill or mounted shelves. Keep in mind that plants don’t feel comfy near stove or other electrical devises. Here are some picture suggestions, that we found on internet, on how/where to locate your plants:

kitchen plants, toronto kitchens, kitchen renovation

kitchen plants, kitchen renovation in toronto

kitchen plants, toronto kitchen renovation

kitchen plants. Toronto kitchen home renovation

kitchen  design toronto

Crawling plants placed up, freely hanging down “lower” high ceiling, floor pot with a home tree “stretches” ceiling up, plants with small and round shape leaves tend to “widen” the space.

The best kitchen plants are low maintenance and not expensive: cactus, fern, ceriman, geranium, aspidistra, hibiscus, begonia, sansevieria. You can grow home trees: mandarin, lemon or coffee tree. And sure you can grow herbs and, is you have enough space, vegetables as well.

kitchens, home plants

Coffee tree

home plants, kitchen design

Lemon tree


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