kitchen cabinets in Toronto matte finish

Modern kitchen renovation, 2015 trends

If you are planning on doing kitchen renovation and want to see whats new and in trend right now, this post is for you. In this article we would like to review the fashion and trends for kitchen rooms, that are prominent in 2015

  • Contrast

Be encouraged to get adventurous and do not be afraid to mix and match colour, textures and styles.

modern designer kitchen contrast

  • Matte kitchen cabinets

High gloss was very popular in the last and past years, however matte kitchen cabinets finish become more and more popular. They offer modern and contemporary look to any kitchen

matte kitchens

  • Matte, brass and bronze appliances

Stainless steel looks great and was and still is popular. However, more and more fashionable appliances are offered on the kitchen market. Don’t be afraid to use something new, something that looks unusual and gorgeous

bronze and brass appliances

modern appliances


  • Different shades of grey

With white being a classic chose, gray has conquered its place on a kitchen fashion scene…And not only in kitchen cabinets. Gray is successfully used in any room in a house.

grey kitchen cabinets


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