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Wall mounted bathroom toilets : pros and cons


wall mounted toilet, bathroom refurbishment, bathroom design

Wall hung toilet looks esthetically more appealing than a regular one and has cleaner design to it, the bathroom itself looks more contemporary and luxury with this sleek floating design. All pipes and faucets are hidden inside the wall or panel, where toilet is installed.

Wall mounted toilet occupies less space than a regular one, despite of the installation panel and water container, because it goes right inside the wall. Regular toilet stands usually farther from the wall and flush water container is usually wider.

Floor tile can be installed under the toilet without meeting any obstacles, which is a plus, instead of breaking a tile into pieces in order to cover everything around regular toilet. More easy cleaning the floor, because nothing stands in a way of your bathroom mop.

Wall mounted toilets have usually dual flush activating system.


wall mounted toilet, bathroom refurbishment, bathroom design

Wall hung toilet is much more expensive than a regular one. Not everyone is ready to cash out on this luxury feature.

This toilet is more complex when it comes to repair it. That’s why if you have decided to go ahead and buy it, it is cheaper in the long run to buy high quality and expensive toilet. Cheap Chinese hung toilet installation kit will cost less but such a toilet will turn out way more expensive in terms of investing big bucks in it to repair, because it will break and you will have to repair it. If regular toilet can be more or less easily repaired by almost anyone (yeah, its is little exaggeration), with this fancy floating apparatus you will deferentially need to find repairman with spacial tools needed just for this work. Plus the repairman will be costly.

Height is adjustable for such a toilet, which is a bonus for some.

Installation of the wall mounted toilet requires full refurbishing in the bathroom because for installation of a tank carrier system a wall needs to be demolished, since it is installed in the wall, which leads to a work of several days.

To sum up: wall mounted toilets are beautiful, luxury, comfortable and clean but if you flip the coin the installation of such a toilet is expensive and time consuming. Make a choice according to your personal preferences, home interior style and budget.


3 thoughts on “Wall mounted bathroom toilets : pros and cons

  1. mrswaterb

    I’ve just purchased a wall-hung toilet that will hopefully be installed this weekend – I’m so glad I read your article as I feel I’ve made the right choice 🙂



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