kitchen measurement

How to measure your kitchen

Of course, if you decided to get a quote from a kitchen manufacturer, you just call them in and they will measure it for you and this should be free. However, in case you want to measure your kitchen yourself, here are simple instructions on how to do it.

Measuring kitchen is best in inches and then to convert to linear footage:
1. Measure your walls were the cabinets are, wall to wall or wall to end of cabinet.
2. Measure the height of your ceiling, bulkhead if any, height from floor to the end of your cabinets.
3. Divide total inches of your cabinets width by 12 to result in feet, in pantries multiply the divided
amount by 1.6 for 8 feet ceilings or for 9 feet ceilings by 1.8 to get correct linear footage of pantry.
Regular cabinets bottoms and lowers multiply by 1.2 only if your ceiling height is 9 feet, do not
multiply if your ceiling is 8 feet
4. Add pantry footage to regular cabinets footage to get total linear footage.

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