kitchen cabinets door styles and designs

Cabinets door styles

In this post, lets explore different cabinets door styles.


Shaker style is widely used. These doors are versatile, they are used for whole range of kitchens: from transitional to classic.

cabinets doorskitchen cabinet door

kitchen renovation


This style is the most popular and is frequently ordered not only for kitchens but for bathrooms as well. This style had define sophisticated feel to it.

kitchen cabinet door kitchen cabinet door

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These doors will definitely help to achieve clean, minimalist and contemporary look of the kitchen. Also this style is most inexpensive and can be build from any material: solid wood or MDF.

flat contemporary kitchen doorslab flat contemporary cabinet door

flat contemporary kitchen cabinet door


These doors are mostly used for upper cabinets and they carry decorative use. Here are possibilities are endless: can use plain glass, frosted or rubber glass, use decorative elements. These are the most expensive kind of cabinet doors, but they are really beautiful and add chic look to any kitchen.

kitchen glass doorscustom kitchen


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