Organizing kitchen by Feng Shui.

We spend good amount of time in the kitchen preparing food, eating and socializing. Everything in the kitchen should be wisely organized and easily accessible for the sake of convenience and good atmosphere. There are different ways to organize kitchen space, but in this post lets talk about organizing kitchen according to Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophical system that harmonizes people and environment, the task of this system is to organize living space to create flow of positive energy. According to feng shui, the way we structure our environment impacts on relationship, mood and well being of people who dwell in that environment.

For the kitchen it is essential to locate stove, fridge and sink in the right place. The best spot for a stove is south part of the kitchen. According to feng shui it is bad to install it opposite to a door or stairs.

Refrigerator can not be installed on the same line with the stove

Fix plumbing. Leaking water symbolizes leaking positive emotions and money from the house.

Sink and stove should be separated by some sort of a working surface, like a counter top or at least some decorative element. The point is that a sink and a stove cant stand next to each other.

Kitchen design variations

If kitchen space is relatively small, an option is to install corner kitchen to safe space and to organize with maximum convenience for a small space. It is possible to do so by ordering custom made kitchen from reputable kitchen cabinets manufacturer, who will build quality kitchen according to client’s personal preferences and taking into account the working space. kitchen renovation toronto, refacing, cabinetry

Another option is to organize linear kitchen. In this case the kitchen cabinets are designed to be installed in a line.

kitchen custom in toronto

If a kitchen room is big, an option is to design custom kitchen in “U” shape.

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By carefully organizing your kitchen space: cabinets and furniture, anyone can achieve functional and useful kitchen that will serve many years and bring positive energy.


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