dishwasher cleaning tips

Tips on how to clean dishwasher

Sometimes we take dishwashers for granted and do not think that it needs cleaning too. It is only logical to assume, that if at the end of the cleaning cycle we get crispy clean and sparkling dinner/silver ware at the end, the dishwasher will be cleaned as well. Unfortunately, as long as this thought is appealing indeed, the food debris from the plates are gradually building up and need to be removed, otherwise the quality of washing will inevitably decrease. 

1. Try to use dishwasher regularly, every day or every other day. This will work as a preventative step of building up food debris. Also, it is good from time to time to run your empty dishwasher on economy (short) cycle. Add 2 cups of vinegar, it will clean pipes.

2. Rinse your dishes before putting them in dishwasher. You dont need to perform the thorough cleaning, otherwise there is no point in having dishwasher at all, but it helps to prolong quality and life span of a dishwasher if you just quickly give it a rinse before loading in.

3. To fight off smell, sprinkle the floor of a dishwasher with 1/2 cup of coda, and use dishwasher as usually

4. To prevent mold, leave the door open after end of cleaning cycle to allow it to air dry completely.

5. Unplug from electricity and disassemble your dishwasher once in a while for deep thorough cleaning. If you are not sure that you will assemble it correctly, write down the order and parts, in which you dismantle the machine.


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