Current trends in master bathrooms

Homeowners, who are renovating their properties choose to go for something luxurious, functional, comfortable, trendy and something that can increase the value of their homes. Times, when people needed bathrooms for basic needs are gone, now people want to have options that allow them to turn their bathrooms into royal, spa-like retreat. Here are the top trends, that homeowner opt to have in their homes and that suit their needs. Depending on the size of a master bathroom, people choose these convenient and luxurious functions:

  • two under-mount sinks for him and her

bathroom renovation toronto

  • two separate showers for him and her

master bathroom renovation, remodeling in Toronto

  • bidet

bidet in Toronto, home renovation, bathroom remodeling

  • tub/Jacuzzi

bathroom renovation in Toronto, home renovation, remodeling

  • steam shower

home renovation Toronto, bathroom remodeling

  • sauna

home improvement in Toronto, bathroom renovation remodelingsauna in master bathroom, home renovation in Toronto

  • marble or quarts flooring, counter tops and walls, heated or not

bathroom renovations in Toronto, remodeling, home improvement


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