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Small details make big kitchen

Scary scenario: you have brand new kitchen, which you love and your kids/friends/family or may be yourself accidentally and occasionally slam cabinets doors and you understand that they will fall off one day due to this unethical behavior. This is a sarcastic note, of course, however for a brand new kitchen or kitchen refacing or just upgraded one it is wise to think of soft closing stops, that prevent doors from slamming and add that extra quality feature. One common question we get is what if soft closing stops working on drawers and doors, what one should do? The solution is very simple and not expensive at all: simply unhook the soft closing mechanism from the hinge of your door or drawer and install a new one, which can be purchased from any home supplies shop. Hinges do not have to be removed  for this procedure.

Installing new or refacing existent kitchen often rises a question regarding decorative hood. Of course, the type and style of the hood is totally personal choice and budget allowance, but let me suggest you, if you chose your kitchen to be white, a white hood will blend with the kitchen and will not accentuate the beauty of the colour and style. Instead, if you choose your hood to be stained espresso, this will make your hood standout from your kitchen, and in some cases increase the value of your whole kitchen (and relatively the value of the house).

 Another point worth mentioning is a marble as a counter top. People often ask if it is possible
to have marble counter tops, so the answer is yes, however it is not recommended, as marble is
very fragile and can easily break from everyday kitchen use, like cutting or preparing food.
Granite and quartz is a much safer and durable option.

1 thought on “Small details make big kitchen

  1. kaylia

    The kitchen is one of the most visited rooms of our house and therefore must be one of the most cheerful, pleasant and organized, as the art of cooking requires good mood.



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