Clean laminate floors wisely: dos and donts.

Laminate floor is a cost-efficient solution for those, who want the look and texture of a real wood floor. This kind of flooring comes in many grains and colours, identical to the real wood. Laminate floor consists of 4 layers, that increase its durability. Generally speaking, laminate is highly resistant to moist damage, stain and fading, which makes this floor material even more appealing, especially to those with kids and pets.

To prolong its life, one should know how to properly clean such type of floor and what should be avoided.


Do not use traditional broom for sweeping laminate floor, because rigid bristles of such brush can leave small scratches and marks on the surface.

Do not use harsh detergents, they can leave streaks on the floor.  It is safer to use mild detergent. You can even use baby’s shampoo (not standard!) as a detergent, just rinse the floor afterwards.

No bleach.


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Use hot water for cleaning. Wash the floor with a damp cloth, but never puddle water on the floor.

Microfiber cloth is the best, it doesn’t leave marks and scratches, it is gentle and wipes off excessive water very good.

Take proactive approach in cleaning stains: clean them right away. Blood stains can be treated with window cleaner.

For different types of stains and ways to clean them, please visit this post 


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