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Interior design for a child’s room: safety, functionality and style

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Our sanctum sanctorum is our home, place where we live. And who is the most important person in the house? The child of course! We live for our children, they are the meaning of our live and continuation of our DNA line. This post is for those, who have children and wold like some ideas and tips on how-to  design a room for a child, that would be safe, functional and beautiful at the same time. 

In a kids’ room try to avoid angles, that lead to accidents: for example try to choose a round or oval table instead of square and generally try to choose furniture with more smooth roundish corners.

All electrical sockets should be covered with special plastic covers. Even if a child is not a toddler anymore, they still can get adventurous and try to experiment with that funny holes in the wall, so please be on a safe side and cover them.

While thinking of the room design, keep in mind these pivotal points:

  • try to leave as much as you can of a free space for play activities. this is important because play is not a luxury, but strategy to lean and explore things
  • warm floor. this does not necessary mean that you have to built in heating inside your floors, rug or carpet is enough: inviting, cozy and good for on-the-floor playing.
  • wallpapers with kids design or wall decals. Something that sure is not boring, colorful and bright. the advise is not opt for black, dark, dark brown or dark bourbon colours.

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  • a bed with a firm mattress. our bone and skeletal system forms during childhood, this is why it is important  to support it with firm mattress. if a mattress is too soft, this can lead to slouching posture
  • try to buy furniture that “fits” the size of your child. dont think that one day the child will grow out of this furniture. he sure will, but before this inevitable moment, the furniture that is made for kids, will serve its purpose many years.

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  • decorate windows with double row curtains: thin tulle that will allow sun to illuminate the room and  thick curtains that will be of use for a night sleep, and will not let outside light to get in the room

curtains, window treatment

One can choose to custom build wall unit for kids’ room. This is a good choice due to the following reasons:

  • the design of the wall unit is created individually for any client to suit their individual needs and wants
  • wise utilization of space for storing things, and making the storage beautiful and interesting
  • any material and colour range is at your disposal
  • you can choose highly functional wall unit that will be a perfect storage and professionals will merry it with style
  • a wall unit can be anything: from a simple convenient shelving to something more expensive and sophisticated.

Here are examples of possible wall units for kids room:

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The options are limitless, the main thing is to choose your design/manufacturer carefully.


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