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Kitchen renovation FAQ (countertops, cabinets)

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Here we want to address questions, that we get sometimes, regarding custom made kitchens.

kitchen renovation toronto People often ask about granite slabs for their counter tops for new kitchens, mainly if their granite slab will look exactly the same as sample in the store.
The answer is that as granite is a natural stone, it will defer its texture from one slab to another, meaning if you choose sample light brown with a few black dots, a slab that you going to have for your home can have much more black dots than a sample. Best thing to do is to choose your counter based on what you choose from the sample and then ask your stone provider to select slabs that suit and match you the most.

toronto kitchen renovation Ok, granite is a natural stone and differences are inevitable. But what about quartz slabs? Would they look any different than a sample in the store? The answer is that because quartz is an artificial stone, the slabs you get for your counter top would be exactly identical. But this is true if the sample you choose you buy from the manufacturer who produces these slabs, you have chosen your sample from.

Speaking of kitchens, sometimes natural wood kitchens get cracks. Why is that? The reason behind natural wood kitchens crack is lack of temperature and humidity control in the house. If it is too humid or cold inside, the wood has tenancy to crack. If cracks appear several years after kitchen is installed, they usually happen due to natural sunlight in the kitchen room. Cracks can be filled and fixed, if desired.

MDF doors and drawers do not crack, although they can expand if damaged by water. If cabinets are wrapped with thermofoil or PVC, it can un-glue in a very high temperature. For example if a toaster, that is heavily used, sitting next to the cabinet.


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