Small space: organizational tips and ideas.

To have your own living space is wonderful. Even if the apartment or a house is small, there are options for space optimization and improvement. In this post I want to share ideas of remodeling an improving your small living space and to make it more cozy and useful.

If you plan remodeling of your small space (apartment, condo) keep in mind that it is wise to get rid of long corridors by removing non – load bearing walls. How do you know if a wall is a non – load bearing or load bearing? Here is a wiki post about that. By removing corridors you can expand kitchen or room space. To create more open concept you can unite living room with the kitchen by removing non bearing wall and creating visually more room.

For zoning purposes, it is not necessary to divide the space with walls, you can use furniture or curtains to divide your space into zones.

toronto home renovation

You can find more information here on expanding living space

For built-in wall units choose one that extends to the ceiling. Find reputable manufacturer center for your quality built-in wall unit. To expand space visually, try to include mirror or glazed elements for your wall unit.

if you have any questions regarding home renovation, please contact Kitchen Star Cabinets for a free consultation.


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