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Bathroom renovation ideas

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Bathrooms are unique spaces that combine many features that need to work together to provide convenience, comfort, safety and esthetic look. This article will be helpful for those, who are thinking of bathroom renovation and looking for ideas.

Everybody wants to have beautiful bathrooms in the house, especially if it is master bathroom. People want to include as many amenities as possible for their budget.

There are vast variety to choose from: fixtures, materials, accessories available in all thinkable shapes, colours and sizes. Whether you want to go traditional and cozy or sleek and contemporary: there are variety options for any budget.

bathroom renovation toronto

Low budget bathroom renovation

bathroom renovations toronto

Victorian style bathroom

bathroom renovations toronto

Dramatic style bathroom

bathroom renovations Toronto

Vintage style bathroom

bathroom washroom renovations toronto

Contemporary style bathroom

If you choose to hire a pro for your upcoming bathroom renovation, look for a company that can provide you with:

interior designers who will create the bathroom design, include all the details, include all surfacing material into consideration and think of everything from door knob to pluming.

contractors who work from the design plan which is provided by professional designers, oversee electrician, install everything, make sure everything is connected and working.

Go through as many design catalogs as possible, improvement/renovation/remodeling magazines, visit showrooms to see their work, catalog and picture gallery. This will definitely help you to form basic idea of what style, look and colour you want for yourself.

Come up with a wish list. For example, you don’t want your bathroom to be only breathtaking, you want it to be functional as well. So, you need space storage that will flow naturally with overall design. Or if you have small children that need a boost to brush their teeth, you might want to have built in boost feature. Whatever your wishes are, if you write them on a list and then present to your professional company, designers will work on a layout, making sure your wish list is included.

Here you can find another post on bathrooms .

Remember about safety! When shopping for a bathtub, choose bathtubs with nonslip, textured bottom. If you want a step-up platform for your tub, keep in mind that these platform are quite risky. Professionals recommend no more than one step platform. Think about grab handles to help you get in and out of bathtub.

bathroom renovations toronto

Overflowing bath tub


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