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Mold: what, why and how

Mold is a dangerous fungus what has many shapes, varieties and kinds. Mold can grow virtually anywhere, in household and nature. In this article I want to discuss household mold that grow on walls: why this happens and how to solve the problem.

 There are several signs showing that you might have mold in the house.

You might feel musty, moldy smell. If you smell mold but don`t actually see it, please do not ignore your odor sense. Inspect your house methodically, check all the places, even where you wouldn’t think mold can develop.

You can actually see the mold. This is the obvious sign and if the mold has grown insignificantly, it sometimes can be either mistaken for dirt or even ignored altogether. Do not ignore it, it will grow and spread through larger patches of your walls or other surfaces. Also think about the fact that your home has conditions for mold to actually exist. Take action to analyse what these conditions are and eliminate them. Usual places for mold are: carpets, walls in kitchen, bathroom/washroom, laundry, basement, window sills and fabrics.

You might realize that you have mold if you are allergic and at home you develop allergic reactions like: sneezing, running nose, asthma attacks. Of course, allergic reactions can be due to something as trivial as dust, and if you know that actions have been taken to eliminate allergy triggers, take time to inspect your home for potential mold. Please remember, that mold can take many shapes and colours, there are white web-like mold, black, reddish, grayish or green.

 Whats the perfect condition for mold to exist and thrive?

Moist. If you have had flooding, water leaks or condensations, these are perfect ground for mold. If for example, you had pipe leakage in your kitchen faucet, the leaking water can penetrate into basement, and since it stays and dyes out there longest, mold will develop under flooring or on the infected walls.

 Mold has its negative effect on health.

It can and sure will cause allergic reactions, it is a perfect allergy and asthma trigger. Also, toxic mold (mold is classified as toxic and non-toxic, either is bad) can affect mental health: headaches, dizziness, difficulty of concentration: these are toxic mold effect on a human organism. When person breaths in mold, he can experience such health problems as: bronchitis, lung tuberculosis, immune system problems.

How to fight mold?

First and obvious advise is to ventilate your home, make sure that you have adequate air circulation. If you are cooking, turn on your kitchen fan, if you are taking shower, turn on your bathroom fan. Do not press your furniture directly to the wall, leave some space for area to circulate. Wipe condensed water on windows or bathtubs, etc. Throw away things, that have moldy smell.

If affected area is relatively small, up to 10 square feet, you can clean it yourself. Move furniture and everything else away from the mold, open window and seal the air vents with duct tape. Dont forget about safety measures: wear protective gloves, facial mask and special safety glasses. To clean the moldy area you need soapy water (water + detergent) and a sponge.Clean it thoroughly, and let it dry with open windows. After that make a bleach solution: 1 gallon of water + 1/4 cup of bleach and wash the area. Wash it and let the bleach solution sit on the surface for half and hour for disinfection. Repeat this process 3 – 4 times. Only then wash the surface clean with borate detergent. Borate detergent will prevent mold from reappearing. Do not rinse off the borate detergent from the area, leave it on. Do not forget to clean the whole room afterwords, like you would normally thoroughly clean it.

If mold has largely spread, you need to call professional help.


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