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Limited warranty on cabinetry

Kitchen Star Cabinets

Having your new custom kitchen built is not a cheep procedure. Kitchens and other renovations, like bathrooms, laundry, wall units and so on, do come with warranty. There is a thing as limited warranty and lots of people ask what is it.

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Project by Kitchen Star Cabinets in Toronto

For the sake of explanation I will use kitchen cabinets as an example. When doing kitchen renovation, there are limitations to cabinets warranty. If your kitchen cabinet has been physically abused, or punched or something of that matter, your warranty will not cover it. Also if your cabinets are in the room with no humidity control, the warranty is null and void. Generally speaking, warranty is limited due to client`s negligence and fault. If there is a problem, that your kitchen and home renovation company is responsible of, you can use your warranty to claim whatever the problem is: replacement, repair and so on.


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