How we converted plain small kitchen to a beautiful oasis in the house

Kitchen Star Cabinets  Lots of homes have very small kitchens; where renovation-wise is no much space to play with. However, with a professional design approach and logically added features and details, any space, no matter how small, can be converted to a beautiful functional kitchen.

In this article I want to describe a kitchen renovation process done by our design and manufacture company, which took place here in Toronto.

We were to renovate a very small kitchen, the cabinets were falling apart, the colour was dark and paint was worn. The fact that this tiny kitchen was built with dark material, made it visually look even smaller.

Our suggestion was white colour, and when the work was finished, we could clearly see how this colour added visual drama, space and luxury to the kitchen; it was win-win choice.

The space was limited and there were no room for island table. To solve this we decided to have peninsula. Generally speaking, peninsulas are smart choice if kitchen room literary doesn’t have space for island.

The family liked transparent glass door cabinets, so since having glass cabinets calls for display function, rather than storage, we chose to build only couple of glass doors in the kitchen. The reason was the kitchen desperately needed storage space to store dinnerware and other things, which was unwise to display. Another possible solution would be frosted cabinet doors, that are made of glass and no see-through, but this is a matter of personal preference.

Backsplash the family chose was simple brick style, white and light gray colour, which went perfectly with the overall style.

As for the countertop, the family decided to go with dark ceasar stone, which beneficially accentuate the white kitchen and gave it a dab of colour.

If you are interested to see our work, please visit our gallery of projects here


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