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Kitchen renovation: why visit showroom?

Kitchen Star Cabinets

In this post I want to explain a couple of questions, that are frequently asked.

Q: How long does in house consultation and quotation take?

Well, here it depends on a company. I personally know a kitchen renovation company (or more accurately speaking, workers of that company), so their quotation time is about a week or so. For other companies, for example for Kitchen Star Cabinets kitchen and home renovation, a client can get detailed quote withing 30 minutes. Depends on a size of a kitchen and extra added features, but normally we give a quote in half and hour. Also we explain how we got to this price, we believe that price transparency is an honest approach to your client.

Q: What do i need to choose for my new custom made kitchen in the showroom?
Anybody, who signs a contract, has to physically come to the showroom at least once. The reason is
a client needs to physically see and choose style of a door and colour for the new kitchen. Besides
that a countertop has to be selected from a range of samples that are displayed in the showroom.
Countertop needs to be chosen based on a kitchen colour, so visually see what you are about to get
usually helps to decide and to understand if you are satisfied with your choice. That is not all, there
are other nuances as backsplash and flooring that will match both client’s kitchen style and colour,
and countertop. During the selection process a client also needs to decide on faucet, sink and
handles for the custom kitchen.
Q: Why o many people choose white for their new custom kitchen?
White colours make the room look brighter as well as white has been in style for many years and
never came out of the trend like other colours  did (more about different colours on you kitchen), so
making white kitchen cabinets gives homeowners peace of mind that their kitchen will be in style as
long as they have it.
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