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Kitchen renovation discussion in a nutshell.

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This article will cover the following topics regarding kitchen renovation: design. colour, warranty and tips on your first steps on renovating your home if you live in condominium.

You have decided to do kitchen renovation and install new custom kitchen cabinets. The design of your future kitchen is completed to your satisfaction and materials have been chosen. The overall time needed to complete a design depends on the size of the kitchen and variety of features that are included in the design. However, the average time a professional designer needs for a brand new kitchen design is about 3 hours from start to finish.

You have design of your new kitchen. But what colour it will be? When deciding on colour you should take into consideration several variables. First of all, personal taste of you and members of your family is a huge factor. Do you like white, or black, or you want to go with non traditional colours? (Love colours in your kitchen!). Apart from that, you need to think of kitchen room size, colour of your walls, colour of your flooring (although you might want to change your floors too). Light in the kitchen plays essential point as well: for example in a dark kitchen room it is wiser to choose  brighter and lighter colour kitchen. Style of your kitchen also can affect the colour. For the right choice it is best to consult kitchen designer of a kitchen renovation company you are dealing with.

To purchase a high quality custom kitchen is not cheap, and you deserve to know about warranty.


The good news is that the warranty for kitchen cabinets is usually 1 to 3 years, depending on a manufacturer. By the way, you get your warranty if you order custom build closet, laundry, entertainment unit, bar or bathroom. Warranty is given for all these home renovations.

Back to the kitchen, if you decide to go with granite counter top, then for granite the warranty lasts usually 1 year. If you opt for ceasarstone quartz (we have wide selection of both materials), keep in mind that this is the only counter top on the market with a lifetime limited warranty to its purchases.

What if you live in a condominium rather than a house and thinking of replacing your kitchen with the new one? Each condominium has different rules. Most of condos have time restriction on when construction can be happening, for some condominiums you will need a written permission from board of directors to perform home renovation. Refer to your status certificate or management office for rules and regulations of your particular condominium.


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