Need to clean your upholstered furniture? Here is how:

Salt solution

Sure you can vacuum your upholstered furniture, however often it is not effective. What is more effective is attaching a damp piece of cheese clothe to your vacuum cleaner nozzle. Make this solution: 1 table-spoon of salt for 1 liter of water, put the cheese cloth in this solution and let it stay there for 5 min, after that take piece of cloth out and gently squeeze out some solution, then attach it to the nozzle and vacuum this way. This method is not only good for cleaning, but  also it can  fresh up colours and give the look of newness of the furniture.

Keep in mind that for such materials as velour and velvet the vacuum cleaning is not suitable, because vacuum cleaner can harm this gentle material. In this case instead of a hoover you can take a bedding sheet or another big piece of cloth, again immerse it in the same salt solution for couple of min, and then spread it on your furniture (couch for example). After start to beat out this sheet (like you beat out carpet, if you know what I mean) and the dirt will start coming out. Rinse the sheet and repeat the process till the sheet is clean after beating on it.

 Soap solution

If there just a little dirt, you can use soap/dish detergent solution. Damp cotton towel and clean the spot, using one direction hand motions.

Special detergent

Special cleaning detergents are helpful as well, in fact they clean furniture very good. Usually you mix them till the foam appears, them spread this foam on the furniture surface, and after the foam is dry, vacuum it.

This is important: before you decide to clean your upholstered furniture, know the material you are about to clean. Choose your method depending on the material, not on what you have available to you right now.

Possible upholstery materials are:

– velvet

– tapestry

– suede/chamois

– leather

– faux leather

How to clean specific dirt/soiled spots:

  • wine

White wine is easy to clean with rubbing alcohol, for  red wine cover the stain with fine salt, and then wash it off with a clothe, damped with denatured alcohol

  • coffee

It the coffee stain is fresh, it is quite easy to remove. Damp it, rub it with a soap and wash off with damp towel

  • juice

Juice stains are difficult to remove. You can try this recipe: mix in equal parts ammonia and vinegar, rub it in and let it dry

  • grease

Cover thickly with coarse salt, let the grease soak in the salt, and then remove everything with towel

  • fruit jam

This kind of stain you can work with soapy water + vinegar solution: for 1 liter of hot water add 1 table spoon of soap/dish detergent and 3 tea spoons of vinegar. Foam the solution and spread the foam over your stain, remove it with a sponge, cover the stain again and let it dry.

  • wax

This is relatively easy stain can be removed if you cover it with towel paper and iron it. Change towel paper when you see wax attaching to it.

  • bubble gum

This is not easy to remove, so try not to stick bubble gums on your furniture, but if you have such a stain here is what you can do: try to freeze it with ice (put ice in a ziplock or something like it). When bubble gum is frozen, try to take it out with a tool like spatula or something suitable like it. The remaining gum rub with cotton ball, damped in rubbing alcohol.

Advise: before trying anything, test the method on a small spot on your furniture, somewhere where no one can see (back of your couch for instance). Only if you are sure that nothing bad is going to happen to material, go ahead and clean the soiled area. And try to remove the stain right away: the older the stain the harder the cleaning


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