Wallpapers? Wallpapers!!

Kitchen Star Cabinets

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Wallpapers are great for their variety of textures, patterns, qualities and colours. You can choose to wallpaper the entire room, or you can opt to put wallpaper on one wall of a room only to make a dramatic accent.


Wallpapers are not only the solution to a particular design; they are also good for houses, with rough or damaged walls, because wallpapers can conceal these flaws. Some wallpapers also have sound-proof features.

Wallpapers can be used not only for wall decoration, but in other places, such as on inside  drawers, and cupboards.


When choosing wallpaper one should pay attention at such qualities as

  • durability
  • water resistance
  • scratch and stain resistance

There are so much to choose from these days, so many new styles and innovations coming in, like new materials, coating and backing, and design. First it is important to understand where you need your wallpapers: in bedroom there is a recommendation to put paper based wallpapers, because they allow walls to “breath”, for lobby and bathroom more preferable wallpapers with water-resistant properties. If you want to select wallpaper for you kitchen (look here for custom made kitchen article http://torontokitchenrenovation.org/category/custom-kitchen-articles/ ) , depending on size of it you can combine types of wallpaper: in working zone you might want to go with water-resistant type, in dining zone with paper type.


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