Love seats: use and upholstery

Love seats are very multinational. Either you are completing your small apartment or you want to arrange your living room in a house, love seat can be used anywhere. First, it is useful for a small apartment due to its small size, second, in a big living room, if you have a need to make separate sitting zones, this zones could be defined with love seats as well, and last but not least, sometimes rooms have odd shapes, which are quite difficult to arrange, and love seats come in handy.

Upholstering your love seat

Upholstering is not easy and its always a best decision to leave this work to professionals. But if you want to get your hands dirty and do it yourself, here is a how-to guide

1) Measure

Verify your measurements of how much fabric you will need for your upholstering. You don’t want to buy more than you really need.

2) Choose your fabric

Opt for upholstery weight fabric, which will last longer and check the fabric wearability code. The code is a set of guidelines on strength of the material, use and care instructions


Carefully dissemble the love seat or sofa. Basically, take it apart, but carefully, without damaging old cover and keep stuffing too.

4)Take off the old fabric.

Do it carefully. You will use this fabric as a template for new fabric’s shape. Put the old fabric on the new one and trace it with fabric chalk on new fabric. After, you sew the new fabric using old one as a guideline.

5) Put new fabric and assemble the sofa back.

Take the new fabric and put is back on sofa, pulling in all directions and making sure that the fabric’s motive is symmetrical. Then you have to nail the material to the sofa with a heavy duty staple gun. Start attaching the new fabric from inside, starting with a deck.


This is a very hard job; realistically access your ability to do that before taking the first step.





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