Technology in our homes

Kitchen Star Cabinets

So many gadgets for home out there, like self cleaning toilet or touch faucets. In this post Kitchen Star wants to compile a list of some gadgets that are available for our home use.

 Touch faucets 

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These are faucets that you activate with your wrist or pack of your palm. These are convenient because you hands are dirty, you don`t have to soil taps. Less cleaning and minimize spread of germs plus contemporary sleek look are advantages to have this type of technology.


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This little thing is installed at the bottom of your door, and it is really helpful in cases when you have your arms really full with, let`s say, laundry, bags and a  baby on top. You touch topener with your foot and it will open the door. How convenient is that?

Wi-Fi weight scale


This scale reminds me of my android phone by its looks: simple and sleek. You can connect it with your computer and all your weight info: BMI, weight, fat% ; will go to there. It is good for easy monitoring and maintaining your weight, or to correct your weight loss program. You have access to chart, reflection your progress and if you are happy with results you can even share it on social media.

The lung performance monitor


This might be useful for asthmatics. What this thing does is it helps monitor asthma symptoms by tracking lung functioning. You need to breath in that slot to measure respiratory flow rate. This monitor is easy to operate and can be used by kids too.


download (3)

I personally love this thing, and I have one at home. It really helps me clean, which frees me some extra time, so much needed. And it cleans good. I judge by content of it dirt department. I expected it to decrease its work performance in a 6 months (don`t know why , don`t ask :)), but I have been using it for a year and it is still perfect.

So there are lot of things out there: wireless LED light bulbs, wireless door locks, smart alarm systems and many more. The list can go infinitely.

Stay smart and remember you don`t need to buy anything new what`s in the techno market. Choose wisely, consider only what you really need, otherwise it is easy to get lost in all this tech stuff.


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