Let`s talk floors!

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In this post I would like to talk about floors, what kind of different material for floor out there. People need to know their options, before making the final choices for kitchen, bedroom or living room.


  •   Hardwood

This type of floor has natural charm and unbeatable beauty to it. This type of floor is good virtually for anything, kitchen, office, library, you just have to be careful not to scratch it. Easy to maintain, doesn’t collect dust, and is good for asthmatics. Be careful to maintain your hardwood free from moisture, for this reason it is not recommended for bathrooms, due damage from moisture.

  •  Laminate

If hardwood is made of natural materials, laminate is a synthetic product, which is constructed in layers. Laminate is durable floor material, which looks like real hardwood but with much cheaper price. Affordability is the argument in favour for this floor. Also laminate is wiser choice over hardwood if there are kids in the house: less pricey possible damage.

  •   Bamboo

It is a natural source of material, it is easy to clean and it is slightly more water resistant that hardwood, but still care should be taken with possible damage from moisture. Bamboo is durable material, with the price of somewhere on the same level as hardwood. Bear in mind that time ages this type of floor, sanding and reapplying finishing coats will be needed to keep it new, and this material is highly scratchable (despite of being easy maintenance)

  •   Rubber

Usually this kind of floor is used in industrial and professional spaces; this material is a possible choice for laying floor in kitchen, laundry, and washroom. This material is easy to clean, antistatic and non slippery. There are many beautiful rubber tile collections to choose from to match the design of your living space.

  •  Carpet

It is textile, cozy, warm, provides homey feeling and good for bare feet, perfect for little children. The disappointing moment with carpets is that over years it gathers dust, animal dander, mildew, which can be a reason of asthma and other respiratory problems. If you spill coffee on your laminate floor, it is a no big deal. If you spill it on your carpet, be prepared to work some muscles and prepare some floor detergent products to clean it. Also carpet is not recommended for laundry and bathrooms, due to locking moisture in this textile, which can lead to carpet decay.

  •   Cork

Cork flooring comes in many  styles and colors. This is “giving” material, which resembles to “walking on air” and it absorbs foot step noise. For allergic people cork floor is a good solution since it doesn’t absorb allergens and dust and is not affected by mildew

  •   Vinyl

This is a low maintenance, easy to install, affordable material, which comes in many colors, numerous patterns and styles: realistic wood or stone design, etc. Water resistant, this makes it a good choice for bathrooms and basements. Vinyl is suitable for any room in the house; you can find any pattern to compliment interior design for lower cost.

Mikhail Nersessian, real estate agent Toronto



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