Kosher custom made kitchen


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For kosher kitchen it is essential to welcome kosher food in it. Apart from that, kosher must be cabinets and utensils, kitchen and eating areas. Dishware, placemats, tablecloths and other pieces of kitchenware have to be different for dairy and meat.

For a house to have kosher kitchen cabinets, they usually have to be custom ordered.

The need for cabinetry is doubled, because different cabinets should be used for meat and dairy, for example on different sides of a kitchen. To avoid confusion which side is which, it is wise to label cabinets from inside. Cabinets should be big enough ho hold two full separate sets of dishes: one for meat and one for dairy.

There is no need to buy different stoves, microwaves, sinks and dishwashers, however, having them doubled for meat and dairy makes easier to keep kosher-able kitchen. This is a matter of convenience that will serve long time.

If owners opt for two sinks, the distance between them should be wide enough to avoid splashes from one sink to another.

For cooking purposes there are two workplaces, or two countertops, for meat and dairy. If it is not possible to build a kitchen with two separate designated areas, countertop covering must be used for cooking. But again, two separate cooking areas is a matter of convenience and practicality.

With the help of a professional designer it is possible to plan and build modern, beautiful and contemporary kitchen according to rules of traditional believes.


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