Bathroom design features.

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There are certain improvements or design upgrades you can make in your bathroom.

 Floating vanities


  If a bathroom is small, and there is a need for more airy and open space feeling, then the good option is a floating vanity. This version is good for small bathrooms, because floating vanity visually widens the space, leaving more floor area, provides stylish contemporary look of minimalism.

 Simplistic approach

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  From our experience, more people are choosing simplistic approach to design their bathrooms: simple line vanity, minimalism solution. Such a bathroom will not have a rustic look, but nevertheless it will have contemporary welcoming vibe in it.

 LED lighting

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  Installed LED light under vanity will be a source of additional lighting and serve as a nigh feature. It has contemporary look and it will add illusion of a bigger bathroom space and accentuate the floating vanity

 Free standing tub

download (3)

   Free standing bathtubs is another feature, that is gradually gaining popularity. If you a fan of modernism and appreciate contemporary look, this is what you are looking for. Clean simple lines, practical yet pleasing to the eye, this bathtub will add elegance and chic to a modern bathroom

 Sensor faucets

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  Usually they are used in restaurants, hotels or malls. Now sensor faucets are getting more popular with private sector. There are lots of sleek designs to choose from, plus this sensor technology helps to save on water.

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