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Some advise on your kitchen design

Kitchen Star Cabinets

  1. Molding up to the ceiling cabinetry

Kitchen cabinetry that is made up to the ceiling, in my opinion, wins over cabinetry that has space between the top and the ceiling due to the following reasons:

  • it looks more expensive and elegant when it is done all way up
  • dust deposit is inevitable with short version
  • you will have more useful space to store your items

  1. Opt for durable, low maintenance and quality material. Yes, it is more expensive, but cheap material tends to break, prone to flaws and etc. Going with something cheaper is a road to spending more money on repairing later. Plus no manufacture will give a long warrant on cheap material.
  1. When deciding on a cabinet doors keep in mind, that glass doors will visually make kitchen look more airy and spacious. If you don’t want 100% see through glass doors, there are options for frosted or ridged glass.
  1. While looking for tiles for kitchen walls bare in mind that big tiles visually make the kitchen look smaller, while small tiles make kitchen appear bigger. Vertical ornament on walls make kitchen ceiling appear higher and horizontal ornaments make it look wider, but at the same time shorter.
  1. If you plan to have kitchen cabinets made of two colors, go with lighter color on top and with darker on the bottom.
  1. Order beautiful kitchen hood that goes well with overall design. If your standard hood will not suit the kitchen, it will become a fly in the ointment.
  1. You might want to have adjustable lighting in your kitchen: brighter when you work/cook there and lower lever lighting if you eat and/or congregate there.

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