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Kitchen Renovations – Aurora, ON (demo of a project)

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This article is a detailed example of ordering and installing custom kitchen cabinetry.

Aurora is a part of Greater Toronto Area. Most houses in Aurora have been built in the past 10 years or before that. As it is a city that is between two major fast growing cities Aurora has not much room to grow so there are hardly any new subdivisions that are being built, however Aurora has extremely nice subdivisions with house ranging up to 10000 square feet on a large size lots together with a regular house subdivisions.

The population in Aurora is middle class and higher so the population can afford to renovate their house if needed or desired. Older homes have older style kitchens with mostly no upgrades and older cabinetry so when it is time to renovate and make custom kitchen cabinets, kitchen manufacturer is called to the house. Lots of people, if not most of them, want a new kitchen design, and willing to move their plumbing around and make new electrical outlets to design their custom kitchen to their satisfaction. Most people when making custom kitchen cabinetry tend to change color from their old kitchen and add convenient luxury features like wine racks, spice racks, pull out panties, lazy Susan’s, magic corners and many more.

Kitchen remodeling sometimes can be frustrating especially if the home owner cannot decide on color, style of the doors and drawers and the features that they would like to include in their kitchen. After the decision is made about these, there is more to decide. Counter top in their custom kitchen has to match or look good with the custom kitchen cabinetry, then there is a floor and backsplash that usually has to be of the same color tone as counter, but different from the kitchen cabinets. If the home owner chooses white kitchen cabinets, the counter flooring and backsplash usually would look good with a darker tone. After it is all chosen and agreed on in the household between house owners next step is appliances that the homeowner need to buy to match their custom kitchen new look. Most popular appliances that are purchased today and that complement the look of brand new modern kitchen cabinets are stainless steel appliances. They bring out the look of the custom kitchen much better than black or especially white color appliances that look usually good in the older kitchens.

After those decisions are made it is time to order your brand new custom kitchen that you have dreamed about. The production time for a brand new custom kitchen cabinetry is approximately six to eight weeks, depending on the size of the kitchen and the luxury options that were chosen together with decorative options like corbels and flutes. During the time that your kitchen is in production your old kitchen cabinetry is demolished and your plumbing is being done by a plumber and electrical is being done as well. Your new flooring is being put on right after all the electrical and plumbing. By the time all these are done ( we call it preparation for a brand new kitchen), your custom kitchen arrives to your house piece by piece either painted, stained or whatever else that you requested, together with all the features that you purchased.

As soon as it is all in your house, our professional installers start the installation slowly and carefully to make sure that nothing gets damaged in your kitchen room or the new custom kitchen cabinets themselves. The installation takes approximately one week form the start, and as soon as it is done, the backsplash professional will come in to the house and in a day or two will install the backsplash. Right after the bottoms are installed in the kitchen, the counter top representative comes in as well to do a final measurement of your counter before they cut it. As soon as it is done, the counter top is cut, delivered to your house and installed using all state of art equipment. If your chose granite as your counter option you would probably need to choose your stone at manufacturer due to the fact that granite slabs are or can be different one from another.

At the end all your appliances are connected and you have yourself a professional custom kitchen that you always dreamed of having.

This was a demo of the project done by us or any other custom kitchen manufacturer and that’s how people of Aurora renovate their kitchen whenever it is time to do so.



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