Love colors in your kitchen!

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Bight colors can be a shock. If a person has been surrounded by safe and mute colors all their life, adding bright splashes is a shock and risk. Neutral brownish kitchen is a very ordinary thing. Lets talk in this post about other colors, that also can be used in a kitchen and take the risk of exploring some bright tones. Colors are thought to have psychological influence on people and this is something to bare in mind when choosing colors not only for kitchen but for entire home.


RED isa stimulating color, and is not recommended for use in abundance. If you choose to order your kitchen cabinetry in red, realize that you might get tired,  feel aggressive and irritated. This color is not good for people prone to fears, phobias and stress. However, red hues are good for kitchen if they take a role of accents and decor. Especially if a room has main cold colors, in this case red will make room or kitchen more “live”. Recommended combination is orange – yellow- red, which looks warm and welcoming. But, again, remember to use red in moderation.

orangeORANGE is a refreshing and warm color, even if there is too much of orange it wont give a feeling of irritation.  They say orange stimulates brain activity, that’s why this color is good for  places, like kitchen, office or library.

yellowYELLOW is a color of sun, freedom, laughter and optimism. It is  good for kitchen, it acts as a background, highlighting all other colors used, such as green, may be blue and other colors. Also this color is believe to better appetite.

ngrenGREEN is a calming color, it takes away the stress and tiredness of a day. Green kitchen cabinetry looks beautiful, modern and futuristic. Nice contemporary idea is when green kitchen meets stainless steel appliances.

whiteWHITE color is clean pure and fresh, its a symbol of healthiness and positiveness. It can be mixed with virtually anything. Visually white kitchen looks more spacious. However, too much of a white is not good either.  If a kitchen is absolutely white: white cabinetry, white backsplach, white accents; it becomes depressing, void and looks more like a hospital room. The best option is white kitchen mixed with bold bright accents.

violetVIOLET color is a rare choice for kitchen. However, a beautiful violet hue could be calming and relaxing. Saturated violet is a depressing and is not a good choice for a kitchen, however more light hues like light lavender is very original and beautiful for cabinets. If you like more full and saturated violet color, you can use it to make accents and decor in your kitchen.

If you want to use bright color but afraid that this will be too much, you can opt for kitchen like this: colored top and more conservative, dark bottom. In this way you will have the best of both worlds.


Generally, when you want to choose a combo of colors, take a bowl of vegetables or fruits or take kids building blocks. Combine then, lets say green apple and orange orange, add tomato to this combo. Play with them. See what speaks the most to you.



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