Kitchen Renovation – Bolton, ON

Kitchen Star Cabinets

Bolton (2011 population 25,954) is the most populous community in the town of Caledon, located in the Region of Peel, approximately 50 kilometers northwest of Toronto, in Ontario, Canada. In regional documents, it is referred to as a ‘Rural Service Centre’.

Bolton population nearly doubled in the past 20 years due to new housing that is being built in the city, it is a convenient city to live in for a working class family members that work in Greater Toronto area due to its location and  as long as people will be moving to the city of Bolton kitchens will be ordered from custom kitchen manufacturer, and since most homes in Bolton are of a decent size meaning over 2000 square feet, custom kitchen cabinets will make the house look much more expensive and much more appealing than those homes with an older kitchen or a builders kitchen cabinets.

People keep moving in to this city as it is very closely located to Greater Toronto Area, and new houses are being built by the builders. People that purchase new homes from the builder face a tough choice either take basic kitchen from them or upgrade for a hefty price tag. It is cheaper to purchase a brand new custom kitchen from a custom cabinets manufacturer them upgrading from the builder. The price difference can be in thousands of dollars or more depending on the size of the kitchen. The quality of fully upgraded builders kitchen is worst usually them custom cabinetry from a kitchen manufacturer. Doing kitchen with kitchen cabinets manufacturer means also making your own kitchen design if desired and not what builder is telling you to do. Kitchen remodeling means changing the look of your kitchen to your satisfaction. Adding decorative features like corbels and flouts will cost you double with the builder and the cost of it with kitchen cabinets showroom will not be felt in the price of your custom kitchen cabinetry. Extra luxury features like wine racks and spice racks or magic corners and lazy Susan can be added to you custom kitchen at a fraction of the cost from the builder. Counter tops either granite or quartz will cost you significantly less than from a builder. Thicker doors and drawers, soft closing hinges will be expected when purchasing a new kitchen with the custom kitchen manufacturer. Overall it is a better idea not to take a kitchen from the builder but to order a custom kitchen from a kitchen cabinets showroom so it will be cheaper, better quality and you can make your own kitchen design to fit your wants and needs. There are also older homes present in this city and people that cannot affords a brand new kitchen but need it to be done choose a cheaper alternative called kitchen re facing or kitchen remodeling. The boxes stay from old kitchen however all the doors, drawers; side panels get changed to give your kitchen a brand new look. For example if you have an outdated natural oak color, your new kitchen can become white or Mocha if you like. White kitchen cabinets id a most popular choice as white color never goes out of style. The cost of kitchen re facing or kitchen remodeling is about 30 percent cheaper than making a brand new custom kitchen from scratch. One downside to kitchen re facing is that you cannot make a new kitchen design, your lay out must stay the same as you have now, and if the time will ever come to change your boxes or cabinets you will have to make a brand new custom kitchen from scratch, so if kitchen remodeling or re facing is on your mind make sure you check that your cabinets are in good shape and not damaged or rotten inside. If you are changing your counter top during your kitchen re facing also keep in mind that if you would ever need to change your kitchen the counter will have to go and a new one would have to be chosen with your custom kitchen.


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