Kitchen Renovation – Brampton, ON

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Brampton has a population of over 550000 thousand people, located north of Mississauga, west of Woodbridge, about 40 min from downtown Toronto. Brampton city was once known as The Flower Town of Canada due to its high amount of parks and flower gardens.

The ages of houses in Brampton vary from very old in downtown Brampton to 5 years and newer in neighborhoods like Castlemore were prices of the houses are up to $200000 higher than some other neighborhoods of Brampton like Wanless.

Brampton still has a lot of land to build new subdivisions of residential houses and room to grow population for example Hwy 50 and Country side drive area where there are still fields but just 5 munities south of it the new neighborhood is about to be complete, as people purchase new homes for themselves they stand up to a decision either take custom kitchen cabinetry from cabinet maker of from the builder. The answer is off course not from builder, it does not worth it, because just to move a fridge position from one side to another builder charges arm and a leg, and upgrading kitchen from the builder can cost much more than to buy kitchen cabinets with all bells and whisexcltles like corbels, flouts, decorative hood if you like and extra accessories for your custom kitchen like magic corner, spice racks, pullout pantry, lazy Susan and many more from custom kitchen manufacturer. You want a modern quartz counter on top of your new modern kitchen cabinets; builder will charge you at least two thousand dollars more than a custom kitchen manufacturer. You want to build your kitchen to the ceiling with molding on top builder will charge at least few thousand dollars extra for that, in total taking a kitchen from kitchen manufacturer can cost more than $10000 cheaper than a house builder and kitchen manufacturer can do a new kitchen design to fit your needs better, and a quality of your custom kitchen cabinets will not be comparable to the quality that builder gives to you. As new subdivisions come up in Brampton many new home owners order their custom kitchen design and after custom kitchen cabinetry from custom cabinetry showroom instead of taking upgrade from builder that they purchase their home from. There are a lot of older homes up to fifty years old especially in old Brampton; they have very nice backyards with mature trees so lots of people prefer to live and not to sell these kinds of homes, instead renovating them from time to time. Modern kitchen cabinets give older home a fresh new look and a higher value for the house, people tend to brake walls in their older closed concept kitchens and make a new kitchen design that fits their needs and wants. Some people prefer kitchen makeover or re facing, changing just doors, drawers and side panels to make their kitchen look brand new, but keep their existing boxes and shelves. Some people in their older homes like total kitchen remodeling, moving electrical and plumbing, appliances and making different styles of kitchen, for example kitchens with peninsula get total kitchen remodeling and in new kitchen design peninsula is gone but the island is added and the sink and dishwasher that was in the peninsula is now located in the island and their old laminate counters are replaced with new granite.

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