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Proper procedure to order custom kitchen.

Kitchen Star Cabinets

You decided to change your existing old kitchen to new, what is your next step, well first you need to contact two or three kitchen showrooms to receive an estimate, going with the lowest price is not always correct, another major factor is human factor or professionalism of a representative of the company.

In this post there is a demo of ordering procedures

Sometimes the rep with lowest price is not very polite and cannot answer all the questions (yes, this happens too). After choosing the company to produce your kitchen the design part will start, at this stage kitchen designer does a professional design by using your current layout combining with new kitchen ideas that a designer has and input for you. The design can be changed as many times as possible unit you the client is totally satisfied. After the design is approved by you next step is production, it takes usually up to 8 weeks for factory to produce a new kitchen. Installation is the last part and takes up to 1 week inside the house. Payment usually works as follows, half is paid at the design stage, about 40 percent when cabinets arrive at the house, and last 10 percent after job is done. The whole project from beginning to end will take maximum 10 weeks from the time that you pay the down payment.

Here are steps of purchasing a new kitchen (laundry, closet, etc)

The standard warranty on new kitchen cabinets is 1 year from the day of installation, longer warranty can be discussed with sales representative during the purchase


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