Kitchen Renovations – Etobicoke, ON

Etobicoke is a former municipality within the western part of the city of Toronto.
Today, Etobicoke’s population is about 350000 people and is very diverse, with people from all over the world including Europeans, Asians, Middle Easterners, Africans and South Asians.

Etobicoke is still primarily suburban in development, with a lower population density than central Toronto, larger main streets, shopping malls and cul-de-sac housing developments.
There is not much empty land available in this city as it was developed mostly in the past, but older homes are demolished and new homes are being built instead of them.

Custom cabinetry is being ordered in these homes to give the interior an unique appeal and a resale value. Home builders and renovators make a custom kitchen design, designing their brand new custom kitchen to current standards and costumer needs,

including in their custom kitchen design spice racks, wine racks, pull out pantries, magic corners corbels, decorative flutes and whatever it is that is needed to make their kitchen cabinets look more appealing and sellable, for the client to walk in and fall in love with the kitchen design. Brand new custom kitchen together with nice stainless steel appliances, pot lights, backsplash and granite or quartz counter tops bring the value of the house to its maximum. Folks that live in their older homes also do full kitchen remodeling by making a new kitchen design by moving their plumbing and appliances around for a more convenient use and adding to their kitchen features that did not exist in their older kitchen. Modern kitchen cabinets together with convenient features like spice racks dramatically increase the value of their home and give the house a fresh new look and a fresh new start to enjoyment of house owners everyday life. This is all done mostly in the southern part of the city as the population that lives there is middle class or higher, but as soon as you go to northern part of Etobicoke you might find yourself in the lower income neighborhood, where people just simply can’t afford to do new kitchen cabinets or how we call it custom kitchen, and if new look is needed due to wear and tear people in northern Etobicoke mostly prefer kitchen makeover, or kitchen re facing, it is much cheaper than new custom kitchen cabinetry, because when you do a kitchen makeover or re facing you change only the doors, drawers, and all the panels. Doing that you save a lot of money and your kitchen will look brand new from the outside, and no one will ever be able to tell that you haven’t done a brand new custom kitchen cabinets for yourself. For example if your kitchen was brown, and you did kitchen remodeling in white color, it is easily mistaken for brand new white kitchen cabinets although your boxes and shelves are from your old kitchen, but you have done a modern kitchen cabinets look especially if you will also change your appliances to stainless steel (if you currently have white or black), and do granite or quartz counter top together with back splash. Custom cabinetry business is booming in Etobicoke either it is a custom kitchen for a brand new home that is being re build instead of an old bungalow, or it is done for yourself in your older home just because it was time to do new kitchen cabinets or it is kitchen makeover or re facing, cheaper fix to make your old kitchen look like new custom kitchen.


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