Home renovation – finished basements.

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 Most people purchase a house bigger than their previous residence just because it was getting too crowded, and they needed more storage or living space. Lots of homes for sale are with a full unfinished basement especially if the home is purchased from the builder. It is an extra space usually same size as your first floor that can be made livable.
Some basement are what it is called a walk out basement, it means that half of the basement ( usually the front) is underground and the back side is on top of the ground with large windows. These types of basements are build in homes that are located on the hill or a slope. These types of basements are best to have as they have same temperature as first floor and are very bright.

The only downside to walk out basement is that unless you have a deck from your kitchen on the first floor, entrance to the backyard is only through the basement and can sometimes get annoying to go up and down the stairs in order to go to the backyard. There are also walk up basements, these are underground basements with stairs to go up to the backyard. It is the only but convenience difference between regular underground basement.
Regular underground basements do not have an access to the backyard, and walk up basements and underground basements are usually colder in summer than your main floor and warmer in winter than your main floor especially when your summer air conditioning and winter heating is on. The windows are much smaller than in walk out basement as most of the basement is underground and you can have your windows only in the portion on top of the ground.
Finishing a basement and making it a livable space is a whole new project. You have choices to make. You can make it an entertainers delight by making a custom bar with dancing space, possibly a movie theater for you, your kids and your guests, maybe you are into spa and sauna that is something to think about. Many people are finishing their basement to have an extra rental income to help them pay the mortgage for the house, then you would need to make a bedroom or two or maybe three depending on the size of your basement. More bedrooms you have the higher the rental income will be. You will also need to make at least one bathroom that will include a shower or a bath tub, a kitchen or a kitchenette, depending on the space and a living and dining room area for your tenants to watch their tv, or do their homework or whatever else they need to have done. In Toronto average rental rate for a 2 bedroom basement with all amenities, that is bathroom, laundry, hydro and heat rent  for about $1100 per month, usually it covers homeowners full hydro bill, property tax bill and part of your mortgage payment. Maybe you want to make an apartment but instead of renting it out keep it for your children, basement apartments give the kids the privacy that they might need especially in their late teen years.
Last factor of course is the resale, there are much more people looking for the houses with finished basement exactly for the same reasons like rental income or entertainment, and people that want to have finished basement but don’t want to go through headache of basement construction. Houses with finished basements tend to sell faster than the ones without finished basements.
Planning your basement is quite an experience, first you have to make a layout based on your needs, then add flooring, most popular is laminate and carpet, hardwood is an expensive choice that’s why most people don’t use it for basement. For bathrooms decide what to put inside either bath tub or shower, maybe both. Dont forget to plan closet space especially if you are doing the apartment, closet space comes very handy and without it it can be complicated to rent out the apartment or even have family members live there. Kitchen cabinets and kitchen appliances is next and very important feature of the finished basement, finally bedroom amount and sizes for those that want to make an apartment, and for those that finish basement for entertainment, equipment like sound system or movie projectors and lightning are important factors of entertainment basements.
The costs and timing of those projects all depend on the size of the basement, the features and materials used to professionally finish the basement, the starting prices are about fifteen thousand dollars and can go over one hundred thousand or more. Finished basements make your home more comfortable, fun and convenient for you and members of your family.

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