King  is a township in York Region north of Toronto, within the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario, Canada and has a current population of about 20000 people and expected to nearly double within next ten years as the empty lands that are available in the city are being developed into subdivisions, ranging from townhomes to estate mansions.

As King city is conveniently located next to major hwy 400 and only 20 mutinies north of Greater Toronto Area, the housing market is very hot there and the prices are similar to those next to or in Toronto, so the population that is moving in is at least upper middle class or higher, a family that can afford an expensive home in a fast growing popular community.

People purchasing new home have to go through a very long and tiring process of building the interior of their house in the décor center of the builder. Basic kitchen cabinets are given usually with thin doors that are easy to brake and thin drawers, and no extra upgrades.

Home buyer has an option to upgrade from the builder or turn to custom kitchen cabinets maker or showroom to build their kitchen for them. When doing this option first of all you can now change your kitchen design and layout something that is hard to do with the builder, your kitchen manufacturer will usually design a kitchen for you at no extra cost to you as long as you order the kitchen from them, this design can be changed as many times as needed to fit your desires and needs. Most  kitchen showrooms will have a greater selection of colors and styles than a builder’s décor center anyway and a quality of custom cabinets, drawers and doors will be much better than an upgraded kitchen from the builder: thicker doors and drawers, better paint job, better opening and closing.  You can also discuss and add extra features to you custom kitchen like magic corners, pull out pantries, wine racks, spice racks and add features that will make your kitchen look  like a million bucks, these features are called decorative features, like custom build canopy or hood, flouts and corbels. The doors in your custom kitchen will usually be thicker and soft closing techniques will be installed on all doors and drawers for your convenience. The best part is this, by not taking an upgraded kitchen from the builder but by ordering custom cabinetry from a custom kitchen showroom you can save thousand of dollars if not more and still get a better quality job and materials, due to the fact that most builders turn to same kitchen showrooms and custom manufacturers for production but need to mark up the kitchens for profit and at same time order a special worst quality finish to save money in the project produced. When ordering a custom kitchen for an individual it is not builder’s mass production and the quality is better and more one on one time is spent to discuss the kitchen cabinets and the end result. Some builders force you to take the kitchen from them as it is their main money maker, you can simply take the basic kitchen from them at no extra cost to you and then order custom cabinetry from kitchen showroom and when your kitchen cabinets will arrive, the installers will simply disassemble you builders kitchen and you have an option either to sell it as it is brand new or to keep it for yourself, and when you finish your basement simply install the same kitchen in your basement. There are also some much older homes and estates located in King City, These people have an option when it comes to renovating their kitchen, either to do kitchen remodeling or re facing, the layout cannot change however it will look like a totally brand new kitchen as all the doors, drawers and panels will be changed to a brand new look, only your boxes and shelves will remain the same from the old kitchen, it will give your kitchen a new custom kitchen look and save you around 25 percent from the cost of a brand new custom kitchen with custom kitchen cabinetry. If you wish to change your layout then new custom kitchen has to be made, new kitchen design will be made to your satisfaction.


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