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Real Estate perspective on a kitchen (Kitchen Renovation – North York, ON)

By Mikhail Nersessian

North York is a former municipality within the current city of Toronto which is located in the central part of the north Toronto and has population of over 650000 people. Most desirable neighborhoods of North York are Bridal Path were houses sell for up to 20 million dollars and happen to be one of most expensive neighborhoods in Canada, Hogg’s Hollow, York Mills, Willowdale, Bayview Village that have seen new properties sell for up to 5 million dollars and some of the poorest neighborhoods like Jane and Finch, Flemingdon Park and Lawrence Heights that have a lot of government subsidize housing complexes, low cost rental buildings and off course with that comes the crime that dramatically lowers the value of the properties, for example on Jane and Finch you can purchase a three bedroom condo apartment for under 100 thousand dollars with very reasonable maintenance,


but moving to those neighborhoods means staying indoors when its dark because worst thing that can happen to you is getting shot by accident while walking in the park and getting caught in the gang related shootout.

Unfortunately even in privately owned houses in those neighborhoods people don’t do much of kitchen remodeling due to their low income and low income of their spouses, so if new kitchen cabinets are needed most of population seem to ignore or just do kitchen makeover or re facing due to a lower cost of the project in complaisance with doing new custom kitchen design and new custom kitchen cabinetry. The price different between kitchen makeover and custom kitchen cabinets can be twenty five percent so when a below middle class family takes it in consideration they choose re facing option without any doubt about it. In the neighborhoods like Bridal Path, Hogg’s Hollow, York Mills, Willowdale, Bayview Village the story is different as those neighborhoods have one of the wealthiest of Toronto and money to a lot of them is not an object so people when renovating tend to do new kitchen design moving their plumping, appliances, electrical, walls or adding more walls to make a larger kitchen. Kitchen makeover is an important factor in those households so people then to plan longer than production itself.

Choosing style of doors either its shaker or a high raised panel, choosing color for their new kitchen, matching it with a new counter top, new backsplash, new flooring and usually appliances. White kitchen cabinets with high raised panel painted and glazed with espresso stained island is the number one seller in most neighborhoods of greater Toronto area, especially in the ones we are talking about here, it gives a kitchen a new but classical look. Another popular choice is shaker door painted white, it is nice, simple, but yet looks sleek, and contemporary. Custom cabinets are designed and produced to customer satisfaction, exactly the way the dream kitchen is planned by homeowners. Lots of people in these neighborhoods tend to buy older properties or vacant lands and build a new custom homes on those lands or instead of the old houses on the properties, and since kitchen is what sells the house usually in a normal stable market new kitchen design and custom kitchen cabinets together with a modern looking counter top made out of quarts or granite are planned out, new kitchen design is made and custom kitchen cabinetry are ordered, produced and installed together with high end stainless steel appliances, that step it up a notch in the looks department and give your brand new custom kitchen an expensive and modern look, and dramatically increase the value of your house.

Due to all those factors custom kitchen business in North York well most of the areas is booming and will be booming for years and years to come as long as economy does not let us down after all we live in Canada and not any other country and people tend to move from house to house and renovate their old homes for resale and new homes to live in and enjoy themselves.


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