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Buying a new house and choosing a kitchen: why is it better to work with a kitchen manufacturer rather than with a builder.

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Buying a house from the builder is exiting, everyone wants a brand new home and it is very fun until you get to the stage were you have to go to décor center of the builder that you have purchased your home from. In the décor center you realize that there are extra costs to get anything nice including a most important part of the house which is your kitchen. Builder will give you the basic cabinets with absolutely no upgrades in your kitchen, and if you want to upgrade it will cost your arm and a leg, so lots of people do not end up taking their kitchen cabinets from builder instead turn to kitchen manufacturer to make new custom kitchen cabinetry. At the end you get a much higher quality custom cabinetry than what the builder will give you even if you upgrade and you have much more variety of colors and door and drawer styles to choose from than with the builder, plus there are accessories you can choose for your kitchen that will not cost even nearly as close as the builder will charge you like magic corners, spice racks and pull out pantries and much more. The price different can be up to ten thousand dollars cheaper to do a custom kitchen cabinets than to upgrade to a higher quality and better style with the builder.

When ordering a custom kitchen your kitchen cabinets maker will make a free kitchen design to your satisfaction, you will have much more choice when it comes to color selection and selection of the style of the doors and drawers. Decorative items like corbels, posts and flutes can add to your kitchen a classy new look.  Choosing a counter top can be fun as well, builder does not give you much of the choice but if they do they charge you up to double than a kitchen cabinets manufacturer. Counter top should look good with your kitchen matching style and colors so the best idea is to have as much selection as possible so you can choose a perfect match. White kitchen cabinets with darker counter top is the best seller and a most popular choice. When doing your custom kitchen you have to make sure you have modern kitchen cabinets so you custom cabinetry would never go out of style. In the new kitchen design with custom kitchen manufacture  you can move your kitchen around as much as you need to fit its location of drawers and doors to your satisfaction. Builder will charge you unnecessary extra money for every move that you have to do, so just moving things around can cost up to a thousand dollars that you can save for yourself right away.

There are also lots of older homes, as kitchens get outdated home owners call for help a custom kitchen cabinets manufacturer and get few quotes. After choosing their contractor for the new kitchen cabinets the kitchen design is made, it is changed as much as needed to fit the home owner’s needs and wants and kitchen custom kitchen goes to production. If the budget is tight but the current doors and drawers are out of style kitchen make over or re facing is another cheaper way to renovate your kitchen. Your boxes and shelves stay the same, what changes is the doors, drawers, side panels. You can also add new accessories to your kitchen like wine racks, moldings on top, led lightning, magic corner or lazy Susan if the space of your current kitchen permits to do so and it is in your wants to add the extra accessories to make your kitchen more modern and to your satisfaction. From outside your kitchen will look totally brand new, you can choose any color and door and drawer style for your kitchen remodeling, the neighbors’ will never know that you just did the facial and think that you did brand new custom kitchen cabinetry. Especially if you will change your appliances with backsplash it will look totally brand new and save you around five thousand dollars from the cost of the brand new kitchen, however if you old kitchen is more than 15 years of age we suggest to make a total brand new custom kitchen cabinetry due to the fact that your boxes and selves are already old, but if your kitchen is newer than 15 years, re facing or kitchen remodeling is the cheaper way to renovate.


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